Remote Inspection Technique - Rope Access


In occasions where remote survey technique by Rope Access is acceptable by Classification, rope access method is a cost-efficient way of accessing high rise structure or any difficult location. Our Rope Access Technicians are experienced and trained to deliver optimum results.

  • Our professionals are qualified IRATA Level 1, 2 & 3 respectively.
  • Our well-established training and safety procedure will ensure successful and safe rope access inspection being carried out.
  • Our team of qualified Rope Access Technicians are readily deployable worldwide to work in any Offshore Oil & Marine facilities.


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Rafting in Cargo Tank


In scenarios where there is a need to survey the under-deck condition of a vessel, Rafting method is sometimes being chosen as one of the methods for remote survey inspection. Especially during the vessel’s voyage, where staging is not a possible solution.

In Tomtec, our operators are experienced with use of inflatable rafts to perform rafting surveys in cargo tanks and ballast tanks. Performing Rafting inspection is a hazardous operation, but our operators are well trained to be able to identify the potential hazards and manage the emergencies if arises.


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Operating Drone


Drone Inspection is helping the industries to improve efficiency and quality of data acquisition while increasing safety and speed of delivery. The advancement in sensors, radio-controlled devices and the miniaturization of computer processors has driven the use of drones in several industry sectors.

Traditional inspection methods such as erecting scaffolding, rafting or rope access are time consuming, labour intensive, expensive and high risk. With the implementation of drone, high risk activities will be minimised, time and labour needed for preparation and inspection will be greatly reduced, which translates to cost savings.


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