We understand the importance of maintaining impartiality, hence it is the policy of TOMTEC not to engage in any activities that will endanger its independence of judgment and integrity of its businesses.

Quality is the essence of all our operations. We pride ourselves to deliver the highest quality of our service to our clients through constant upgrading of our management system and workforce.

As our commitment towards delivering quality services, we have developed and implemented our Quality Management System which complies with international standards, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO 9001:2015.

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A safe and healthy workplace is fundamental to our business core. At TOMTEC NDT MARINE SERVICES PTE LTD, our Management Team is committed to establish a safe and healthy work culture in our workplace and integrate OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY (OHS) POLICY into all our workplace activities.

We strive to devote all reasonably practical resources into creating an incident free and healthy working environment for all our employees, clients, suppliers, contractors, public and any others who may be affected by our business operations.

We also strive to devote all reasonable practical resources to prepare our workforce and workplaces against crises. We will ensure that our workforce remains cohesive, our business recover quickly, and we return to normalcy as soon as possible in case of crises.


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Tomtec is committed to the protection of our environment. We pledge to prevent environmental pollutions in areas we operate and ensure that the adverse environmental impacts of all emissions and discharges are minimised.

We are committed to perform activities, comply with the corresponding and improve our inspection technologies according to best available techniques to minimise environmental laws and regulations in force use of hazardous substances.

We strive to participate in pollution prevention programme conducted by our Clients.